Liver Care
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Dr. Suresh Kumar Singhvi

at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Education & Training

  • Fellowship in Liver Transplantation - S Korea.
  • Fellowship in Liver Transplantation - Germany
  • CCST - United Kingdom. 2005
  • FRCS - United Kingdom. 2005
  • FRCSGLAS - UK. 1995.
  • FRCSED - UK, 1995.
  • DNB - New Delhi 1992.


  • Consultant Surgeon in United Kingdom.
  • The specialization of Hepatopancreaticobiliary and Liver transplantation Surgery in United Kingdom.
  • Specialization in Liver transplantation in Hamburg,Germany( 2yrs).
  • The Living donor liver transplantation/split liver transplantation, cadaver liver transplantation in Germany.
  • Joined Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi, as the Senior Consultant Surgeon in Liver transplantation

Other areas of interest

  • Conduct free clinics in remote areas.
  • Support NGO in their social and charitable activities for indigent people by regular donations.
  • My OPD income goes to the charity for education.
  • Give motivational talks in various Institutions on Medical and Non-Medical topics.
  • Talks on organ donation in different groups.
  • Health awareness articles in magazines, newspapers, E-newspapers.
  • Interviews and talks on health in media.
Dr. Suresh Kumar Singhvi

Know Your Liver

Liver is situated in the abdomen.Liver sits in the upper part of the abdomen, tucked away under the right side of the rib cage.Liver is separated from heart and right lung by a thin sheet of muscle called the diaphragm.The liver is one of the most amazing organs in your body.The liver is a large reddish brown solid organ.

Liver Transplantation

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has been one of the first two centers that started liver transplantation in India.Most of the Surgeon doing liver transplantation have been an alumni of the liver transplant center at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.This charitable institution has an all-round academic activity in all fields.

Medical Tourism

Dr. Suresh Kumar Singhvi works in Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi, India as a Senior Consultant Surgeon in Liver transplantation and Surgical Gastroenterology.Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi, India is highly reputed for best, skillful medical services.Patients from different parts of India.

Social Services

The skill and knowledge obtained by me, would like to use for betterment of society.Giving something back to the society is the whole purpose of coming back to India from Abroad.I took the less traveled path but that made my life worth living.Give motivational talks in different groups and Institutions.

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