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Dr. Suresh Singhvi, MBBS, MS, DNB

Education & Training

  • Fellowship in Liver TransplantationS Korea.
  • Fellowship in Liver TransplantationGermany.
  • CCSTUnited Kingdom, 2005.
  • FRCS United Kingdom, 2005.
  • FRCSGLAS UK, 1995.
  • FRCSED UK, 1995.
  • DNBNew Delhi, 1992.
  • MS General Surgery


  • Dr Suresh Singhvi, completed his MBBS, MS, DNB Surgery in India, and he went for Higher Surgical Training to United Kingdom.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi specialized in Advanced Laparascopic Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Breast Surgery, Upper GI Surgery, Endocrine Surgery in U.K.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi was selected for Higher Surgical Training Program in Newcastle and Birmingham Rotation. The training program led to CCST Certificate, which would enable him to become a Consultant Surgeon in Liver transplantation in United Kingdom.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi completed his specialization of Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery and Liver transplantation in United Kingdom. He performed complex hepatic/gallbladder/pancreatic surgery and adult and pediatric Liver transplantation.
  • Suresh Singhvi then did further specialization in Liver transplantation and complex hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery in the Universitat Klinikum Eppendorf, Hamburg,Germany. The work in UKE, Hamburg, Germany gave Dr Singhvi an opportunity to work with Prof Xavier Rogiers, Prof Dieter Broering and Prof Lutz Fischer. He performed many adult and pediatric, cadaver and Living donor liver transplantation in Germany.
  • Prof Xavier Rogiers recommended Dr. Suresh Singhvi to do Living donor liver transplantation in Asan Medical Center, Seoul, S Korea. During the period of 6 months in Asan Medical Center, Seoul, S Korea, he gained specialization in adult and pediatric Living donor Liver transplantation.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi joined Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi, as the Senior Consultant Surgeon in Liver transplantation, he perform 2-3 Living donor liver transplantation every week. (adult and pediatric Living donor transplantation). He has done more than 500 liver transplantation.
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi, being a tertiary referral center, Dr Suresh Singhvi performs surgeries and provide care to patients with complex hepatobiliary, pancreatic and complex Gastrointestinal problems.
  • The complex GI Surgery with the Robotic arm- Da Vinci is performed in this institute by me. Liver and Pancreatic procedures are also done successfully by using the Robotic Arm.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi takes active part in the DNB GI teaching program. He is mentor and guide to DNB Postgraduate students.

Academic interest

  • Academic interest in teaching, research and publications.

  • Keep updated in recent developments in Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery and Liver transplantation by attending various International and National conferences.

  • Take an active interest in teaching young residents of DNB GI Surgery, the art of surgery and to develop skills here in India. So, that they do not have to travel abroad for training and thus reducing brain drain from India.

Other area's of Interest

  • Giving something back to the society is the whole purpose of coming back to India from Abroad. He has taken the less traveled path but that made his life worth living.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi conducts free clinics in remote areas and planning to do more to help people of remote areas..
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi supports NGO in their social and charitable activities for indigent people by regular donations.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi s OPD income goes to the charity for education of tribal and economically less fortunate students.
  • He gives motivational talks in various Institutions on Medical and Non-Medical topics.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi gives talks on organ donation in different groups to make people aware about donating organs to save lives, after a death of an individual of a family due to brain death. Encouraging people to become organ donor and carry a card and to make their family aware of their wish after such events of brain death.
  • Dr Suresh Singhvi writes health awareness articles in magazines, newspapers, E-newspapers and gives interviews and talks on health in media.

Dr. Suresh Singhvi