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Medical Tourism

  • Dr. Suresh Kumar Singhvi works in Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi, India as a Senior Consultant Surgeon in Liver transplantation and Surgical Gastroenterology.
  • Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi, India is highly reputed for best, skillful medical services.
  • Dr. Suresh Kumar Singhvi is Senior Liver Transplant surgeon(adult and pediatric liver transplantation) and does challenging and complicated cases related to Liver, Pancreas, Gallbladder and Gastro intestinal tract (abdomen).
  • Patients from different parts of India and abroad come for the treatment to Dr. Suresh Kumar Singhvi.
  • For patients who come from different States of India, for treatment at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi, India for complex surgical problems, we will facilitate their pick up and drop back to and from airport, stay in the hotel and language interpreters (cost to be borne by the patients).
  • The patients will be provided with the services till they return to normal health after the surgery and arrangement of long stay apartments can be arranged.
  • The hassle of coming to a new place will be made easy and the treatment which is of International standards and at one tenth to one twentieth the cost of USA.
  • This will benefit the patients and their families to get World Class treatment at low cost without compromising their care.
  • International patients now come from all over the World for treatment at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi, India under my care. The countries include- UK, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Nepal and other countries, and the list is growing day by day.
  • For medical tourism facility contact on website phone number. Somebody will assist you to facilitate needful service.

What is medical tourism?

  • Medical tourism is a tourism services provided to the people when they travel to different parts of country or abroad to get health services.
  • Medical tourism provides or facilitates arrangement of health providers and hospitals of the need. It arranges a phone consultation with corresponding doctors before travel, also does travel plans & arrangements(including visas), accommodation facility and other needful assistance to make person comfortable.
  • Medical tourism is fairly new concept.
  • Make people feel homely away from home while they sick medical treatment.
  • Medical tourism is different than usual tourism practices.
  • Medical tourism company requires medical background to guide the people, contacts with hospitals and with professional touch also need compassionate, holistic approach.

Medical tourism in India

  • Medical tourism is becoming popular in India and all over the world.
  • India has match up to the international standard in medical field.
  • The potential cost savings for medical treatment is significant in India compare to other countries .
  • India has highly qualified and experienced doctors.
  • Several hospitals are designed to provide world class medical care. The hospital provides highly skilled medical team with best medical equipments.
  • The medical treatment in India is now preferred by so many peoples world wide.
  • In addition to traditional medicine, India offers many more rejuvenating alternative medical treatment options.
  • The Yoga, Ayurvedic & Homeopathy medicines, meditation and others holistic approach as an alternative medical therapy.

Medical tourism provided by us

  • We do primary consultation and preliminary talk to the patients and family for the guidance for treatment of complex diseases of Liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, liver transplant for adults and children. The patients and relatives have anxiety to come to a new city and we will guide and help them for consultation appointment and travel arrangements.
  • Patients who come for treatment from different parts of India and International patients from other countries, We facilitate smooth travel and stay in India.
  • Travel arrangement by flight or railway to come to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi is facilitated.
  • Patients will be provided Airport or Railway station pickup services and also to help them arrange hotel accommodation/Service apartments.
  • We schedule all necessary Medical appointments, Coordinate hospital admission, Pickup and drop service to patients and attendant from hotel and help them in routine daily needs.
  • The dietary and language interpreter requirements will be met to make the transition of the patients and relatives easier of coming to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India.
  • For International patients visa assistance and extensions, Foreign currency transfer, Language interpreter and Communication to the relatives abroad is also provided.
  • Rescheduling of travel plans and stay will be assisted by our team. It is difficult to carry a large amount of cash in foreign currency to India, hence money transfer can be done into the company account and the Indian Rupees will be available to the patient for treatment and personal use.
  • Patients family in foreign countries will be updated regularly about the condition of the patients on a regular basis by our staff.
  • Patients medical visa is a must for treatment of Liver transplant and attendants will be provided a visa based on our invitation letter. Visa extension will be provided when necessary.
  • In patients with acute liver failure, air ambulance will be arranged for both domestic and International patients with additional costs. The air ambulance will have all the equipment’s and a qualified Intensive to accompany the patient to Delhi, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
  • Medical tourism is to facilitate smooth and efficient treatment plan for the patient and the family, so that the experience of travel is made comfortable.
  • Medical tourism service provided to the patients to make them fill homely in a new atmosphere. So, the experience becomes a memorable one to remember in the future. The experience will make more patients to choose us for professional and ethical management with keeping the patients interest first. This will make more patients coming to the medical treatment centre, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India all the time.
  • The medical tourism arrangements will be done at additional cost.
  • Patients can contact us on email, skype, chats and on our Liver helpline which is functional 24 hrs a day.